Why I Use Likeable Local

The following post of the content that I, Julia Holly, expressed here are my own. I apologize for any grammatical errors that you might find, esp. for the grammarians out there. Thanks for taking the time to read. If for some reason you find any inaccuracies, please email me.

A Little Background
From getting the kids ready for school in the morning & loading the dishwasher adequately, to running a design consultancy &¬†juggling multiple projects for different clients, the thought of social media for my business was overwhelming. Sure, I’ll do it for clients, but not for myself. I have 3 kids under the age of 7. I barely keep up with house maintenance (i.e. loads upon loads of laundry that keep coming and never seem to end). On top of that, I respond to my clients as soon as they shoot me an email. My schedule tends to go haywire from time to time, so having some type of social media management tool was definitely on my wish list.

Likeable Media & Likeable Local have been on my radar for about a couple years, since I started following Dave Kerpen on LinkedIn. I mean, who wouldn’t follow this guy?


Here’s Dave in a different setting. ūüôā

In all seriousness, Dave Kerpen is a great guy. He¬†is¬†one of the top LinkedIn Contributors and Influencers out there, with 524,813 followers and counting. Say whaaaat? He’s doing a lot of what not many folks are doing, creating positive & inspirational content. In time, his writings have earned my trust in him and his companies. I even won a few things via @likeablelocal’s Twitter contests, which may I add is the first thing I¬†ever won online!


Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen

Then, I must have signed up for one of their free e-books and they contacted me soon-after to see if I’d be interested in joining their Likeable Consultants program. By that time, the decision was pretty simple for me.¬†Here’s a little blurb of my top reasons to use Likeable Local’s Social Media App.

1. Social Media
I’m¬†fascinated by what social media campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, etc. can do¬†to bring small brands to the spotlight. Guy Kawasaki put it in the best way during an interview¬†on why should brands be in social media,¬†“…if we have to answer that question in 2014… it’s too freakin’ late.” I completely agree.¬†But, the task of managing several channels on top of your small business is overwhelming. For some, the struggle is what to post and how to use them effectively. Likeable Local makes it all possible with an affordable rate for small business owners. Some rates out there are waaaaay too expensive.

2. Dave Kerpen and team
As mentioned above, Dave is awesome. When I first joined in Oct. ’14 I knew we’d have access to live webinars, but I didn’t realize it would be with Dave. This guy has been accessible and the team, especially Nicole,¬†have been responsive and reliable to answer any questions I had. Customer service, without a doubt, has been and will be the best. Yes, you get to talk to real people.

3. Likeable Local Software
One of Likeable Local’s team members, gave me a simple demo online. Since signing on, managing my social media has never been easier.¬†They set up my Facebook business page for me¬†and in a matter of months I’ve gained more than enough followers for what I do. I could use more ūüėČ Also, I’ve doubled in Twitter followers without much effort. The software connects to¬†LinkedIn & Twitter accounts. For every post, you have the option to pick which channels you want the content shared.

My favorite bonus features:

  • Creates new, original, and relevant content for your¬†industry
  • Automatic Facebook Advertising Boosts (patented software)
  • Editing content before publishing functionality
  • Scheduling capabilities
  • Twitter Reverb – auto retweets of content throughout the day

Other features here:¬†https://www.likeablelocal.com/features. Another place that might help you decide if this is for you, see Likeable’s infographic below.




JH Creative For 2015
I’ve been a designer for almost 10 years… oh boy. Within those 10, I had 3 kiddos. As you can imagine, work life was on and off, but have found running my own business has been much more fulfilling and conducive to have work, life, balance.

You can see some of my recent¬†work.¬†I like creating beautiful,¬†purposeful, lead-generating designs. Social media combines the best of everything I like doing, which¬†can make a difference for local businesses. I’m happy to say I’m a partner.

Before Likeable Local, I did not heavily push social media services because it’s a lot of work.¬†But, with them¬†at my side, 2015 is going to¬†rock! I can stay on top of house stuff, have more time with my family,¬†have the best social media solution for my clients, and not get lost in social media land … well not as¬†often.

Sign-up for a free demo
Now for the plug… If you have any interest in knowing more about Likeable Local’s social media solutions, sign up here:¬†https://hubs.ly/y0c5lV0.¬†Are you in the Southeast region or North¬†Florida? I can meet up and walk you through my own account. Also, I offer custom quotes for additional services. Hope you found this review helpful and wish you a prosperous 2015!

Printing Business Cards

With plenty of free services online these days, everyone can freely print business cards however they’d like. Yes, that’s great. The unfortunate thing is that it’s often just a piece of paper gone to waste. Come on people. Every medium we use for self-representation or corporate branding must be worth the cost. When I say cost, I don’t just mean money. I mean, think about the process, how it affects the environment and the people who see it for the first time.

My first set was printed locally and it was a quick turnaround but after some time, I realized that the paper weight and color quality makes a difference in first impression. I decided to reprint with Moo.com. Not only was I thrilled with the uploading process, but it arrived a few days early with standard shipping! I had to celebrate their presentation by taking photos, as you can see.





Yes, I have a few more pics. But don’t you agree that the packaging just makes the whole experience more exciting and fun?! ¬†I¬†already began to¬†give¬†these out at events and received very positive remarks. I can pass these out confidently. So, design it well. Make the card “keepable.” Otherwise, people¬†might actually react¬†like this:


Here are some other pics in celebration of great customer service and fun packaging.

jhbc-moo-10 jhbc-moo-11 jhbc-moo-14

jhbc-moo-17Need I show you more? Okay, one more pic plug. Order yours at Moo.com.¬†If you’d like some design help with your business cards, contact me.