Printing Business Cards

With plenty of free services online these days, everyone can freely print business cards however they’d like. Yes, that’s great. The unfortunate thing is that it’s often just a piece of paper gone to waste. Come on people. Every medium we use for self-representation or corporate branding must be worth the cost. When I say cost, I don’t just mean money. I mean, think about the process, how it affects the environment and the people who see it for the first time.

My first set was printed locally and it was a quick turnaround but after some time, I realized that the paper weight and color quality makes a difference in first impression. I decided to reprint with Not only was I thrilled with the uploading process, but it arrived a few days early with standard shipping! I had to celebrate their presentation by taking photos, as you can see.





Yes, I have a few more pics. But don’t you agree that the packaging just makes the whole experience more exciting and fun?!  I already began to give these out at events and received very positive remarks. I can pass these out confidently. So, design it well. Make the card “keepable.” Otherwise, people might actually react like this:


Here are some other pics in celebration of great customer service and fun packaging.

jhbc-moo-10 jhbc-moo-11 jhbc-moo-14

jhbc-moo-17Need I show you more? Okay, one more pic plug. Order yours at If you’d like some design help with your business cards, contact me.



Using Only the Best



My husband is my personal tech consultant and frugal. And me? Well, let’s just say I have expensive taste. We both have to find a happy medium, especially when I’d need to execute to the best of my ability for others. My tools must be industry standard, including hair ties keeping long hair at bay (which tends to get in my way often).