An award-winning floral design consultant, Missy Gunnels, owner of Missy Gunnels Flowers asked me to check out a template for her. We both looked at her current hosting, Bludomain, and found both the service and the template to be inadequate.

As with any company that is doing well, it gets too busy to maintain promotional matters. Missy’s old site had been up for over 10 years and was difficult to access anything to make updates. The “before” screenshot above shows how small her gallery images were.

Squarespace offers beautiful templates, affordable hosting, and contains a user-friendly content management system. We took the time to research all the content she needed to update her web site. Let’s face it, with all the awards, press, and experience, she had plenty to feature on her new site. My favorite part is the press page.

She was so fun to work with. The hardest part was getting her former hosting company, Bludomain to get their customer service to transfer ownership. Yeah, took over a month to get the Bludomain lady to read the email and follow directions. No bueno. That’s a story in itself.