This is one of many passion projects. Of course anything related to the game of Ultimate Frisbee, or Flatball, (whatever they’re calling it these days) is a current passion. Long story short, I won a perk after donating to TEAM USA Ultimate. Two elite athletes from Team USA, Nicky Spiva and Dylan Tunnell, came to throw a clinic for my hometown. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to have World Games (IOC) Gold Medalists come and teach us essentials of the sport.

Instead of having a merely casual clinic, I wanted to make it a little more special for these guys. With the limited budget I had, I launched a mini-campaign via Facebook and used registration on Eventbrite. I contacted all the vendors in the Ultimate community I could get a hold of to support this endeavor. With some luck, there were several interested folks like VC Ultimate,, NexGen. The other goal was to expose the general community to the sport, especially youth. Capital City Youth Services was on board to introduce the sport to their kids.

The maximum capacity for the clinic was around 40. Not only was it close to our goal, but it seemed to have a positive impact for all levels. There were free giveaways and games in the end. The athletes also agreed to a photo shoot and some interviews. The landing page is featured here.