Start a Movement

How to Start a Movement – Derek Sivers TED Talk (Note: Segment ends at 3:00 but continues with a 2nd video unrelated to post below)

There’s something about movements. There are several happening all around the world. Big and small. Controversial or quiet. That’s the thing, people don’t notice until a movement has hit a tipping point. When I watched this inspirational Ted Talk by Derek Sivers, I considered if I fall into the “lone nut” category or the “follower.” This is one of his many great quotes, “When you find a lone nut doing something great, have the guts to be the first one to stand up and join in.”

I have a secret goal (dubbed by another Sivers TED talk). Whether I’m the “lone nut” or “follower” the risks are high, but my passion to help people will not fail me. One of my passions is Ultimate Frisbee, you might notice it in some of my work. A modern day sport growing as fast as Lacrosse and Rugby, which has recently gained more momentum in participation and visually online. Professional organizations, like the AUDL, has signed a contract with ESPN for online broadcasts via ESPN3.

My secret goal has something to do with that passion. The main thing is really the same as the rest of the companies in the Ultimate industry out there, #SpreadUltimate. The question is “how?” You can do a lot with a little, see this site: My budget was very limited. The online resources available today make movements possible. There are endless possibilities and I’m only beginning to see it now.

Sometimes I feel like a “lone nut” in my region, where the community life is centered around football and baseball. Yes, there’s a local league in my town, mainly consisting of college students. However, Ultimate Frisbee in the Big Bend Area has yet to be prominent at the Jr. high & high school level. At a grand scale, I am a “follower.” Here? I feel like a “lone nut.” It’s not about being a leader. Actually, I’m hoping to be the “first follower.” Sivers said, “The first follower is what transforms a lone nut into a leader.” Is there someone brave enough to recognize that and follow or join me in this endeavor? I’d be happy to meet you and discuss how we can take this movement further in the deep south.

Using Only the Best



My husband is my personal tech consultant and frugal. And me? Well, let’s just say I have expensive taste. We both have to find a happy medium, especially when I’d need to execute to the best of my ability for others. My tools must be industry standard, including hair ties keeping long hair at bay (which tends to get in my way often).

Welcome 2014

With so many ways to display creative work these days, you’d think I’d have an online portfolio beforehand. There are places that make it easy for you (e.g. Behance, Dribble) so you don’t have to think about the structure so much. I thought about it, and it all depends on what your goals are. I’ve put off an online portfolio for several reasons. There wasn’t enough variety. Or, “If it’s not perfect, then it’s not worth it.” Or, “I’ve been busy working on client work.” Sooo, I finally forced myself to get one up, no matter what, beginning this year, 2014.

Last year was quite a ride, servicing all kinds of clients. Now, I can finally feature some of that work online other than my LinkedIn profile. This year is already jam packed with some exciting projects, as well as some personal passion projects starting to take-off. It is here where I’ll gladly share about that experience. Thanks for stopping by and hope you come back again soon.