Social Media Marketing

July 23, 2020

Want to learn the best strategies for social media marketing? In this workshop I presented, I go over best practices for integrating social media and marketing for your business!

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How to Start Training Teams Remotely

January 15, 2020

Our world is quickly moving to a more remote work environment. Watch this video to see how to train teams remotely.

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21 Strategies for 2021 with JHC

December 20, 2020

Want to learn more about marketing? Here's 21 strategies to get you started!

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Filipino Hustle Fridays with Gil Payumo

April 23, 2021

Julia Holly interviews Gil Payumo about his successful food truck and how being Filipino inspired him!

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The Evolution of Foundation 4 Arts

August 6, 2020

Watch this interview with our client Dr. Carla Hutchinson about her business with JH Creative! Wanna know more? Visit our case studies!

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