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About Domi Station

Domi is a non-profit business incubator and co-working space. We offer programs, resources, and events that help entrepreneurs start and scale sustainable companies. Our regional network enables us to match our members to seasoned mentors, investors, and industry advisors

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Our Work with Domi Station

Julia’s fantastic. I’ve known Julia for quite awhile now. She’s full of ideas and creative know how to make something happen. She’s just a fantastic individual...really passionate about what she does, and it just really exemplifies in her work.

At JH Creative, my team and I have a big spot in our hearts at Domi Station because it’s where the Tallahassee-based portion of our business all started! When the founder of Domi, Micah Widen, came to me to help get Domi branded and launched. I helped to not only establish brand identity for Domi, but also created promotional materials that ensured brand recognition in the Tallahassee community. 

I eventually became a co-worker and more recently was asked by Robert Blacklidge (Executive Director) to train their new team of marketing interns. 

JH Creative helped us onboard several interns. JH not only helped with the onboarding process, they also helped to train our team. This support was invaluable to our organization and has truly helped our new team members to perform in their new roles - Robert B.

Quotes from Domi Mentees

Julia helped Dunsel’s identify different areas for us to target and focus on in our social media marketing. She helped us develop an effective and efficient strategy for growth across multiple platforms. Julia’s expertise allowed us to maximize the output of our time and energy as we began to grow our online audience. - Jonathan V.

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