About Foundation 4 ARTS

ARTS provides a loving, supportive, safe and inspiring learning environment for children. Through our programs and the cooperative partnership between ARTS and the community, we continuously promote a culture of excellence, foster creative expression, build self-esteem, empowering individuals with the tools necessary to reach their full potential.

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Our Work with Foundation 4 ARTS

One of my loyal clients, Dr. Carla H. wanted a specialized planner that helped her manage her non-profit organization, personal life, and healthy habit tracking. She gave me all the favorite parts of different planners she used. I put the pieces together into one printable PDF and she absolutely raves about it.

She often tells me that people ask about it and how she uses it with a color-coding system and more. With managing a team, helping hundreds of families, homeschooling her children, taking care of multiple pets, being a board member, and building a support program for parents, she lives by this planner.

Listen to her experience of the process below:

Dr. Carla's Quote

This image below is the custom planner we made for Foundation 4 ARTS. This is just an example of the services JH Creative can provide to our clients!

F4A Planner

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