About IMS

IMS is different from a typical CPA firm in that we do not perform audits or prepare income taxes. Our team partners with banks, CPA, and wealth management firms while working with our customers. We are unique in that most of our work is performed onsite or remote for our clients working across a broad range of industries and non-profits.

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Our Work with IMS

When IMS came to me, they had two major needs: help training their marketing assistant and having a strategy for content creation. Being familiar with both of these processes, I was more than happy to help. Taking Lara’s (their new marketing assistant) role into consideration, I was able to create a customized training program that focused on advanced software tools, content creation with a focus on curation and scheduling, and project management. I also created a report for IMS to help them plan and strategize when it came to content creation. I gave them an overview of their past usage of content and outlined a month by month plan for them.

I was able to not only gain insight into the marketing world, but also learn various design and content planning techniques. She is also easy to communicate with, creating a safe and welcoming work environment. Her work on our website and social media accounts made a significant difference to our business. I could not have asked for a better consultant! - Lara K.

Here's a sample of the strategic planning report I made for them!

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