About Whole Child Leon

Whole Child Leon is a community-wide effort to get our children off to the best start in life by ensuring they have everything they need to thrive. A Whole Child Community uses web-based technology; a commitment from all segments of the community; and community leaders united as Action Teams to build and maintain a community where everyone works together to make sure children thrive.

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Our Work with Whole Child Leon

When Whole Child Leon came to me asking to design and execute a community report, I was so excited to help spread their mission of ensuring children’s human development and safety throughout our community. 

This report blends statistics, personal anecdotes from Leon County locals, and strategic outlines for programs like juvenile crime prevention. This created an effective guide that not only shares Whole Child Leon’s mission, but also communicates resources available to community members. With the community report, Whole Child Leon has been able to present compelling data of the current state of local low-income families. With the use of infographics and aesthetically pleasing layouts, I made sure solutions were easy to find.

Courtney's Quote

Here's a preview of the report:

Report Preview

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